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about IGM

Interlink Global Messaging operates as a worldwide financial messaging transmitter by helping companies exchange SWIFT messages between financial institutions. Interlink Global Messaging has emerged as a leading SWIFT messaging company, servicing financial entities around the globe. With years of experience in the banking and finance industry, Interlink Global Messaging understands the need for both small and large companies to conduct business transactions internationally by communicating globally through the SWIFT system. 

Why do you Need Interlink Global Messaging?

International Transactions
Financial Capability Acknowledgments
Contract Confirmations
Payment Requests

  • Global Finance Communication

Who are our Clients?

  • Banks

  • Trading Institutions

  • Money Brokers

  • Securities Broker Dealers
Investment Management Institutions

  • Trust and Fiduciary Service Companies

  • Import Export Transactions

  • Treasury Counterparties
Commodity Brokers



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