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Private Label SWIFT

Private Label Services

Institutional and Corporate Communications via the SWIFT Network.

For global, regional and domestic institutions who are looking for a straightforward way to connect to SWIFT.

Because of globalization, private and corporate institutions have become more and more reliant on communicating seamlessly with their banking partners around the world. IGM provides a robust communication model that will allow a firm to communicate with its partners, beneficiaries and institutions.

Interlink Global Messaging's new functionality allows for private institutions and volume corporate accounts to issue and advise SWIFT messages in the 500, 700 and 900 series. These SWIFT messages will be in the institutions name and will literally be labeled as the sourcing institution. 

  • The Institution is now the Issuer and or Advisor
  • Under 24 Hour Turn Times
  • Flexible Language
  • No Disclaimers
  • Volume Discount Pricing
  • Full Banking Responsibility Available
  • Invoice Option 

This is a very unique opportunity that offers much more freedom in your SWIFTing abilities.

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